Benefits for hotels using PLC

Hotel Upgrade

Increase Occupancy

An ever increasing number of potential guests now look for a much higher level of basic services from any hotel. Certainly the lucrative business user is unlikely to book anything until they have confirmed high speed internet access in their room as a minimum. With our unique system not only can you provide complete internet coverage throughout the entire hotel campus but also add numerous other services such as digital TV and access to cheap international calls that will help you increase occupancy.

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Improve Repeat Custom

With so much competition in the hotel industry it's key your guests have a positive experience during their stay. The level of services offered has a huge bearing on that and so does the quality of those services. Internet access limited to communal areas or poor performance and outages can lead to huge frustration. Our system not only provides maximum performance but the services offered can be personalised to your guest individually. Once they log in they can have direct access to their favourite sites, music and movies. Our simple user interface and technical helpdesk will fully support them to ensure no matter what their level of IT knowledge they can use our services “stress free”.

Add Revenue Streams

Billing for guest internet services is very flexible. You may choose to allow access for free or charge depending on room rate or length of stay. Payment methods for Internet Services are flexible. You can add it to their hotel bill or guests can pay with no hotel involvement via their credit/debit cards online thanks to our specially designed log in page, which can be branded to each hotels specific requirements.This page also has several areas that can be utilised to promote hotel services such as dry cleaning and restaurant offers or to sell advertising space to local businesses such as taxis or places of interest.

Due to the unique nature of our system many other additional services can be added on the same network such as Digital TV, telephony, automated car park billing and many other revenue generating options.

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Reduce Costs

Once our unique network is in place numerous services can be delivered using that one single network. For example you could install a high speed internet service and then anytime in the future add other services such as a CCTV security system simply by adding cameras and associated equipment to the existing network without any additional networking costs. Because we don’t cable or make a mess there is no costly downtime or inconvenience to guests.

The ability to monitor room temperature and lighting, and control it from a central location will have a huge impact on reducing the hotels energy costs and carbon footprint. These room monitoring and energy management systems can be simply added to our network and can be delivered along with many other services to improve the profitability of your operation.

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How Do We Do This?

Our system provides the best possible coverage by digitising the existing electrical infrastructure of the building or campus. By doing this we can then reach the most remote location simply because the electrical system covers the entire area. This allows us to deliver multiple services to any area that has power. Products such as Wi-Fi access points or CCTV cameras can be located in strategic positions that would normally be difficult or expensive to reach. This ensures there are no coverage blackspots, reduces the cost of installation and removes the need for any unsightly cables.

What Exactly Is PLC?

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