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The British government has put pressure on those organisations running our museums to appeal to a younger visitor and make a trip to the museum entertaining and educational to a wider audience.

The days of “look, but don’t touch” are being cast aside as museums strive to engage a generation raised on Nintendo and Playstation.

The major challenge in delivering this concept is providing the connectivity required into all areas of the predominantly ancient and listed buildings in which many of our museums are housed.

The provision of Wi-Fi to allow for the download and use of Smartphone applications, handheld tablets and interactive touch screens becomes impossible to deliver due to the disruption and the damage incurred in providing cabling into these historic sites. The thickness of walls in these types of properties will also reduce the effectiveness of Wi-Fi and can add huge costs to any project.

By using a unique technology called Power Line Communication (PLC), Freedom Digital Networks (FDN) have created the perfect way to network any listed building by simply injecting a digital signal into the electrical wiring the building already has – we bypass the need for any new cabling.

Most importantly, we bypass the need for any major work to walls or flooring and so helping to remove planning consent delays from any project. Our networks are designed to overcome the typical problems encountered on a listed site.

Because we inject the digital signal onto the electrical infrastructure of the building or campus, full coverage Wi-Fi can then be supplied throughout the whole building by simply plugging wireless access points into any 3 pin electrical socket, flooding that area with a wireless signal.

The system is extremley cost effective and totally flexible, allowing you to plug and play as desired with services such as Broadband, CCTV, VoIP telephony, room management and control, PA and AV systems, footfall monitoring and many more, all enabled at the same time over one network using our unique technology.

Reduce costs and your carbon footprint, increase footfall and interaction with your visitors in any language while improving safety, security and asset protection.

NO MESS, NO CABLING, NO DOWNTIME. Just a solution to an age old problem.

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