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Freedom Digital Networks (FDN) are proud members of the National Churches Trust (NCT) Professional Alliance.

In a recently commissioned NCT survey of the 47,000 churches and chapels in UK, results showed that in addition to their role as places of worship, church buildings play a vital role in activities for the benefit of the wider community, especially supporting children and young people. Analysis suggests nearly 80% of churches are used for purposes other than regular worship.

With a large amount of importance placed on providing the local community with job seeking capability and attracting a younger audience, internet capability is high on the key features that needs to be provided. Due to the physical structure and historical nature of church buildings it can become challenging to deliver connectivity where you need it most, which in this day and age greatly reduces the amount of “new uses” these buildings can be utilised for.   

By using a unique technology called Power Line Communication (PLC), Freedom Digital Networks (FDN) have created the perfect way to network any such buildings by simply injecting a digital signal into the electrical wiring the building already has – we bypass the need for any new cabling.

Most importantly, we bypass the need for any major work to walls or flooring, and so helping to remove planning consent delays from any project. Our networks are designed to overcome the typical problems encountered on historical or listed sites.

Because we inject the digital signal onto the electrical infrastructure of the building or campus, full coverage Wi-Fi can then be supplied throughout the whole building by simply plugging wireless access points into any 3 pin electrical socket, flooding that area with a wireless signal.

The system is extremely cost effective and totally flexible, allowing you to plug and play as desired with services such as Broadband, CCTV, VoIP telephony, room management and control, PA and AV systems, footfall monitoring and many more, all enabled at the same time over one network using our unique technology.

When it comes to security, the flexibility of our solution to provide deployment of CCTV in those “hard to cable” places has huge significance for churches. The English Heritage has recently warned of a sharp increase in lead theft and general burglary from places of worship and has taken steps to publish guidelines to help curb this alarming trend.

Reduce costs and your carbon footprint, increase footfall and provision of services for the local community while improving safety, security and asset protection.

NO MESS, NO CABLING, NO DOWNTIME. Just a solution to an age old problem.

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